We are a full-service digital agency based in Guwahati. Join us – we have room for you.

It should be noted – Made Tight is a curious place. On the one hand, we take a lot of pride in being independent as professionals and people, self-reliant and self-managed. On the other hand, we truly embrace collectivism and aspire to function as a team on every level, not just because we read in a management book that it’s a good idea but because, in the tech industry, there really is no other way of succeeding.

While we preserve our individual values and beliefs, every day we dedicate a good portion of our time and effort toward listening to and examining the needs and wishes of our team – we also make sure nobody ever gets to feel like they are on their own in any of their daily activities, which is why we talk, often and candidly. This is not only good for the business and overall efficiency, but also for personal growth, which is a job perk, really.


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331 Usha Commercial Complex
AT Road Machkhowa
Guwahati Assam

Tel: +91- 94353-43434


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